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PMP Practice Test Error

PMP Question Error: There is a test question that grades incorrectly. It indicates A is correct, when B is. Thanks.

Question number: 3 (ref: q0177)

Which of the following is NOT an output of Monitor & Control Project Work?
You answered: B.
A Project management plan updates
B Change request status updates
C Change requests
D Project document updates

Performance Domain: Professional & Social Responsibility
Task: Promote Interaction Among Stakeholders

This question is basically asking you the difference between Change Requests and Change Request Status Updates. Change Request Status Updates are outputs from Perform Integrated Change Control, not Monitor & Control Project Work.
You can think of Change Requests as what you get when someone finds a problem and needs to make a change. Once you've figured out whether or not to do that change (in Perform Integrated Change Control), you give the person an update on its status.
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