I’m frustrated and worried.

Please don't forget us print book lovers!

Dear O'Reilly: maybe I'm old fashioned, but I like print books, and sadly, they seem to be going the way of "buggy whips." Please don't be so fast to get rid of print books. I'm willing to pay the extra cost. Please give us a choice! I really don't fully understand the rush to ebooks. I understand the cost factor, ebooks are cheaper. But does everyone enjoy reading books on their computer screens for hours and hours? I don't. I like to sit in an easy chair to read books, not at a computer all day. I know, some people say "you could print out an ebook." Yes I could, but I don't want to. I don't like to have to print out a whole book, and besides, I don't like to read boring laser printed out books that I have to keep a hold of to make sure the pages don't get out of order etc. I like the feel of a printed book, I even like the smell! And I don't want to have to buy an ipad just to read books on. I could buy lots of books for the price of an iPad. Plus, I've heard that books are hard to read on the ipad. Again, please consider print book lovers. Thank you.
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  • Hi Lyndon,

    Thank you for writing us about this. We really appreciate hearing what our readers and customers are thinking. While we definitely are trying to make lots of ebook options available, print books are also important to us and we are continuing to print them.

    Nearly all the books that O'Reilly publishes are available as print and ebook. On oreilly.com we distribute books from some other publishers, and we distribute ebook only for some publishers and print only for other publishers, though they may sell both physical and electronic versions elsewhere. Please let us know if you have any questions about specific books.

    Kind Regards,

    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media
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