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I’m happy if you send me the pictures

picture download enterprise service bus

Can I download pictures from your book Enterprise Service Bus from David A. Chappell to cite them in my diploma thesis about the Enterprise Service Bus? I have already loaded the Icons and diagrams archive from sonic but there are no complete pictures which are in the book.
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  • Hi,

    You may scan the pictures from your hard copy of the book and use them in your written papers as long as you attribute the pictures with (at least): book title, author, copyright holder/year published, ISBN. If you intend to publish or distribute the paper please contact us again by emailing so we can further review your request.

    Please note that we're only granting you permission to use the pictures from the book and not what you've downloaded from the Sonic Software site. You need to contact the folks at Sonic Software for permission to use what they have provided.

    If you have any further questions about this please email

    Kind regards,
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