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I’m frustrated

php mysql and xampp

Though i do as a rule like the books here at Headfirst i have had an ongoing problem with the php msql book. I have to use xampp with a virtual host machine computer that runs xp pro.

When my husband took a college course which used this book (yes i am using his now) he had the same problem. THe exercises that utilized a php page with its response and input for database simply loaded into the computer ( in my case into my dreamweaver) and never actually into the database or respond with the requisite page that acknowledged the use of the database. I truly do wish that someone had a break down book about the folder set ups of xampp and how the exercises would coincide using xampp. The book in question is Headfirst PHP and MySQL copyright 2009. (Ironically if i went in phpmyadmin i could actually add to the database manually but not with the phpcode)

I think its needful to know exactly how to be setting up the folders from Headfirst in htdocs and match them all up to the phpmyadmin and xampp and all.

Can anyone who understands this put together a simple tutorial on how to set up each of the sites for use with xampp? Also would there be a change in php code to accomodate a local host type server? Dreamweaver8 did one on their site as a pdf. Can you all help? I would write this myself save i need help to begin with.

Mary E
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