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I’m frustrated, confused

PHP Missing Manual Questions

Hey there,

First, the downloadable files are out of sync. ie. In the zip file, the files for chapter 12 are in a folder called PHP_ch11_files.

Second, they're not actually solutions and often are halfway done.

So, where this is a problem is that I have a bug somewhere in my chapter 12 work. However, the files in PHP_ch11_files are not the final versions and the files in PHP_ch12_files are entirely missing the authorize.php file so I can not compare.

Essentially, I think there ought to be 2 sets of completed examples per chapter: the files you should have at the start of the chapter and the files completed at the end of the chapter as if it were following along.

I'm surprised I could not find anyone else mentioning this. Am I simply mistaken?
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  • Hi Dean,

    It sounds as though you have the 2nd Edition of PHP & MySQL: The Missing Manual, but are using the 1st Edition files. (The 2nd Edition has an extra chapter, which explains why the chapter numbers don't line up.)

    Please go to the following link and make sure you're downloading the files for the 2nd Edition:

    These files will show you the completed version of each chapter's code.

    Please let me know if you need any further help.

    Nan Barber
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