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Perl Best Practices has a format problem

Perl Best Practices has a format problem.

A number of pages have odd layouts in their code examples (multiple scroll bars etc) However the Start of Chapter 12 is not correctly wrapping. See following page

Problem exists with Firefox 1 and 2 on linux and windows2003
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  • Hi vagnerr,

    Thanks for contacting O'Reilly and reporting this issue. I reviewed
    the rendered electronic content for Chapter 12: Regular Expressions,
    and there doesn't seem to be a wrapping issue. The upload or
    conversion into Safari Books Online may have been corrupted or
    affected and I submitted an internal ticket to review and possibly
    reload the content files to see if this will correct the layout and
    scroll issues you reported.
    Perl Best Practices
    By Damian Conway
    ISBN: 9780596001735

    Mace Bergmann --
    O'Reilly Media Inc.--
    • Please try reviewing the page on something other than IE. The problem is caused by the 3rd/4th paragraph where there is a word starting "cut-and-paste-and-modify-slightly-and-oh-now-it-doesn't......>" because it is one very long hyphenated word some browsers are trying to render it as wide a possible. may I suggest breaking the word up a little to give those browsers a chance.
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