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Password Reset Disc

p. 722 of Windows 7 the Missing Manual says to create the password reset disc insert a blank CD or USB flash drive, but when I do this on my laptop, it insists on a floppy disk or a USB flash drive. It doesn't want a blank CD. Do I have to format the CD first somehow? My laptop doesn't even have a floppy drive!
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  • Hi Judy,

    The page you reference states, "Windows offers a clever solution-in-advance: the Password Reset Disk. It’s a USB fash drive or a foppy disk (remember those?) that you can use like a physical key to unlock your account in the event of a forgotten password." I see no reference to using a CD to create the Password Reset Disk, which is not possible under Windows 7.

    Brian Sawyer
    Senior Editor, Missing Manuals
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