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Page for Programming Android, 2nd Edition, doesn't actually say "2nd Edition" where it should

The page for the new edition of Programming Android by Mednieks, Dornin, Meike, and Nakamura, at , does not make it sufficiently clear (in my opinion) that this is a new edition distinct and separate from the already existing 1st edition of Programming Android, at .

I make this comment because I already have an e-book copy of the 1st edition, and I was looking at the copy available as part of the OSCON sale to see if I'd already had it (and therefore did not want to buy it again). It took me some time to figure out that, yes, this copy was indeed a new edition which I might want to purchase.

I note that the graphic of the cover for this copy does have the "2nd Edition" stripe in the corner, and buried in the text of the blurb for the book is "updated for Ice Cream Sandwich", and the ISBNs for the print and digital versions of the book are different. However, these are all relatively subtle differences that could be easily missed if you're not looking for them. The book title itself (in the page body and on the HTML Title element) should say 2nd Edition, just to make it Really Clear that this is indeed a new (or at least revised) title.

Thanks for your time in reviewing (and hopefully, fixing) this problem.
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