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I’m wanting a cookie

O'Reilly should shorten URLs in-house and then use those shortened URLs in its books.

The idea: An O'Reilly-specific URL shortener, for including in books.

I'm a technical reader for one of the Missing Manual books (Your Money). It's an excellent book.

The author (J.D. Roth) has a number of links in the book, and he (or his author) has used a URL shortening service so there aren't long, awkward URLs in the book. I can understand the appeal of a shortened URL, but what happens if tinyurl goes under?

That's a point of fragility that isn't necessary. Also ... and this is even more of a reason to offer your own in-house URL-shortening service ...

You could track the traffic that gets clicked through, to see which links are most (or least) compelling to readers, to A) refine the book in future editions, or B) offer new books, based on the most popular niches.
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