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I’m ok. Just looking for options.

O'Reilly School and Books already owned.

Today I signed up for several courses for the O'Reilly School and will be sent some books as a result.

However, I already own the following two books:
Book Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML 08/29/2008 N/A ISBN #: 0-596-10197-X
Book Head First JavaScript 08/29/2008 N/A ISBN #: 0-596-52774-8

And I am going to have Head First AJAX in a couple of days (pre-ordered) so I believe the following book will be obsolete (by comparison):
Book Head Rush Ajax 08/29/2008 N/A ISBN #: 0-596-10225-9

Do I have any other options then to just receive the extra books? Could I exchange them for other books or credit in the O'Reilly store?

Thank You for your time,
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