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I’m really feeling like I can't get support

O'Reilly Safari videos/downloads and Ubuntu incompatibility

I'm experiencing an annoying problem with O'Reilly Safari and Ubuntu. Everytime I try downloading a file (PDF, exercise files for videos) and even videos (video training in FLV or quicktime) the download simply gets stalled unexpectedly at any time and never restarts.
I have never been able to watch a 5-minute video without being irreversibly cut in the middle. Even exercise files of 6 megs just never finish. I've tried using Firefox 3, Epiphany, Galeon, Konqueror, and as the technical support advised, some download managers. Nothing seems to do the trick. I have tried using another computer with Ubuntu and the same problem arises. Of course, it seems to work on Windows, but I would expect an online library such as O'Reilly Safari to support Ubuntu when it features books about it! Please let me know if you experience the same problem on Ubuntu or another linux system.

Thanks for your help.

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