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O'Reilly on Windows 8

I have purchased 4 Head First books, 1 paperback and 3 via Kindle. I am unable to view these books on the Kindle reading app for the cloud, windows phone 7 and now windows 8, which is frustrating. But I can view them on the Kindle reading app for iPad and iPhone, is this something that the publisher elects where the books can be read? Cause I really want to be able to read it on my phone and my windows 8 tablet and pc. There is a store in Windows 8 with a book section, will O'reilly start selling books directly through the store.
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  • Hi. O'Reilly does not currently offer the Head First titles in Mobi format, only PDF. These are converted by Amazon to go in their 'Print Replica' program, which mirrors the display of the printed books. Print Replica files are only viewable on the Kindle Fire or Kindle for Mac, PC, or iPad. Here's the info page on Amazon:

    We are working on getting our Head First titles available as Mobi files. At this point only Head First C is available in that format.

    If you'd like, you can email with the titles of the three ebooks you purchased via Kindle, and I'd be happy to provide you with PDF versions. I know there are PDF readers available for Windows Phone 7. I'm not sure about Windows Phone 8 RTM, but there will be when the full version of the OS releases in the fall.

    At this time, I don't know of any plans to sell O'Reilly books through the Windows 8 store.

    Daniel R.
    O'Reilly Media Customer Service Team
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