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O'Reilly Media's Campaign to Save the Tarsiers

is your logo a tarsier monkey? I recently saw a documentary about them. They are nearly endangered. It was a sad story as you can imagine, taken for pets, but nocturnal and very frightened.

You may be aware? If not or even if so, maybe consider a PR campaign benefiting them and yourselves? They are the planet's oldest living primate I think.
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  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your note. The Tarsiers (Tarsius syrichta) are small
    nocturnal mammals related to the Lemur and are native to the East
    Indies jungles spanning from Sumatra to the Philippines. Most of our
    books include a featured O'Reilly animal on the cover and the Tarsier
    was originally featured in our Unix in a Nutshell selection. We have
    adopted this character on our website and included this animal on
    various O'Reilly materials. Your PR campaign benefit suggestion is
    a positive idea and worth further discussion. Thanks again for your input.

    Mace Bergmann --
    O'Reilly Media Inc.--
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