I’m annoyed

Ordering process not at all smooth or friendly

I added an ebook to cart and when I tried to checkout all I got was an error message about 'redirect loop' too many redirects.

I eventually realized that I had registered but not confirmed my email. I was not instructed to do so, or (if I was) the message wasn't very obvious.

Still I got the same error message, until I realized I hadn't been signed in on the tab I was using with the cart (the confirmation came up in a different tab).

After signing in on the offending tab, I was able to checkout.

I'm a reasonably tech savvy guy, certainly more than average and I very nearly gave up on you after the 3rd error message.

OMG now I have to find my password to log into getsatisfaction too? You're making it way way wayyyyyyy too cumbersome for me to do you the favor of reporting a 'bug'.
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