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You told me that I could order an ebook copy of any book I registered. I can't find an ebook option for Mavericks the missing Manual. I hope the $4.50 offer still holds. Also I purchased OSX Mountain Lion - the Missing Manual about a year ago. I could not find my old account, if I created one. I would like to combine accounts, if there is more man one. At a minimum, I would like to register that book with this account. Thanks.
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  • Hello David,

    Thanks for your interest in OS X Mavericks: The Missing Manual. Unfortunately the ebook of this title has yet to be released, but when the ebook is released you will then be able to register your print book and get the ebook for $4.99. This title is estimated to be released: 12-26-13.

    I only found one O'Reilly account, and feel free to register OSX Mountain Lion - the Missing Manual to get the ebook upgrade. Hope this helps and have a great day!

    Kind regards,
    Paul Fichera
    Customer Service Representative
    O'Reilly Media
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