Order of mounting components in electronic circuits

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I have a question about the content of the book.MAKE Electronics
On page 54 dealing with schematic symbols, it is stated that the four symbols shown there represent the exact same circuit (being the circuit of the Experiment 4 in Figure 1-50 on page 19). Of the four symbols the first three (as well as the Experiment circuit) have the component order:
Battery Positive > LED > Resistor > (Switch) > Battery Negative. The fourth symbol, however has the component order : Battery Positive > RESISTOR > LED > (Switch) > Battery Negative.

The question is: doesn't it make any difference in which order components are mounted?

Be very grateful for guidance!
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  • The Author of the book has replied to me on this query. Thankyou very much.
    He says it does not matter whether the Resistor is on the Positive or the Negative side of the LED. He does not say why.
    I suspect it has either to do (probably!) with the direction of current i.e. whether it is conventional current or electron flow OR because current is supposed to be the same in every part of a circuit - although I don't know whether this applies to circuits on every type.

    Sadrudin Thanawalla
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