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I’m anxious, frustated

Order number 110926: Can't download the pdf file??


I just bought this book online, but I wasn't able to download the file in pdf. There was an error message displayed. I thought it was because I haven't create an account at that time. Now I have created a valid account ( But still I am not able to download the file.

Please help.... I have sent many emails to or but no reply. That's why I posted this message.

I need the file urgently before my training start. If I can't download it, Will you be able to send the pdf file to my email address:



Danny Wirjawan

----- Original Message ----
From: ""
Sent: Monday, March 10, 2008 5:38:53 PM
Subject: O'Reilly order confirmation :: order number 110926


Thank you for your order with O'Reilly.
Your Order number is 110926.

Your order includes the following:

Oracle SQL Tuning Pocket Reference PDF, 1Ed
Qty: 1 Ext. Price: $6.99 Avail: Immediate Download

You can download your purchased media anytime by visiting account
management , or
immediately using the following link(s):

Oracle SQL Tuning Pocket Reference PDF, 1Ed

Your product(s) total $6.99.
Tax on this order totals $0.00.

The total amount of $6.99 has been charged to your credit card number

Please print this page as confirmation of your order.

Thank you for your order. Any shippable product will ship within 48 hours
from the time order processing is complete. If you have questions
regarding your order, please call customer service at 800-889-8969 or
707-829-0515. Please refer to your O'Reilly order number provided in this
email when calling.

*Shippable orders are not processed Saturday, Sunday and certain holidays.
Contact O'Reilly customer service at 800-889-8969 or 707-829-0515 Monday -
Friday 7AM - 3:30PM PT or email for any questions
regarding your order.*


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