Orchard widget for Bing.maps how to handle ?

Today I bought Orchard CMS, and so far I like it.
When I was installing (page 12) Bing Map Widget, I hoped that the book could give me the right instructions to specify the Latitude and the Longtitude.

I'm living in Holland and gave Latitude: 51.433 and for Longitude: 5.234 hoping to get close to my hometown.
The message I got was: The value '51.433' is not valid for Latitude.
The value '5.234' is not valid for Longitude.
If I use 51 and 5 then Orchard handles this, but my Map is pointing to Belgium (also a nice country - but not what I wanted).
What should I specify to get the right Map presented in Orchard.
Hope you can help.
regards, Wim
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