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office 08 not compatible anymore

do we have to go back to PC's given that office 08 is no longer an option for mac business users given that a) macros are no longer available on excel for mac and b) sites that are only IE friendly are also unavailable?
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  • Hi,

    Which Microsoft Office 2008 suite did you originally purchase?
    The Home and Student Edition or the "Special Media Edition" ?
    Maybe the Upgrade Version options offered with the Special Media Edition provides additional features and business functionality.

    Home and Student Edition --Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Entourage.

    Special Media Edition -- Includes Expression Media, Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
    Entourage, and Exchange Server support.

    ** Microsoft Exchange Server Support
    ** Automator Actions for Workflows in Microsoft Office
    ** Microsoft® Expression® Media
    ** Upgrade Version Available

    You might also want to check with Microsoft support to see if they can help you further and provide access to fixes and updates.

    Mace Bergmann
    O'Reilly Media Inc
    • I appreciate your help. However, it is my understanding that no version of M'soft Office for Mac 2008 includes VBA (macros) in Excel. This has been written about in reviews of the new Office for Mac. It is also, as I said, a serious problem for users who require the use of macros in Excel - the only way around this problem is to either revert to a PC or buy Windows for Mac, in which case I am running Windows and therefore might as well revert to a PC.
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