Not sending purchaed book as a Personal document

Hi guys,
How can I send a purchased book to my Amazon kindle account without sending that as a Personal document? The problem is it can only be delivered as a Personal Document and for some reason I can only deliver that book to my iPhone device and not the rest of my kindle reader. Any idea?
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  • Hi Ehsan,

    Thanks for writing us about this. We can only send ebooks to Kindle as personal documents, but you should be able to access them from all of your devices that use the same Kindle account.

    If you have Personal Document Archiving enabled, all ebooks sent to one of your devices should be accessible from your shared Kindle library.

    To make sure files will be added to the shared Kindle library, go to Manage Your Kindle > Personal Document Settings > Personal Document Archiving, and confirm that it is Enabled.

    Depending on which Kindle application you're using (on a Kindle, on the iPhone, on an Android, on a desktop, etc.), you'll see the shared library different ways. For example, on the iPhone app, I can choose to view my Device library or my Cloud library. Ebooks I sent to another device would show up in the Cloud library, while only ebooks sent to this email would show up in Device.

    Some helpful links:

    I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have questions.

    Kind Regards,

    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media
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