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I’m sad

No Indonesia in Safari Books online registration?

Dear O'Reilly,

I am a huge fan of O'Reilly books from Jakarta, Indonesia. Indonesia is one country in South East Asian region. Indonesia is not a small country, it's laid in three different time zones, just to let you know, from GMT+7 to GMT+9. If you want to know more, I suggest you can check Wikipedia, or Google Maps by typing "Indonesia" in the textbox. I think you can know more. Oh yeah, if one of your colleagous ever took a vacation to Bali (, we only can say, yes they had visited Indonesia.

I have several of your technology, programming and designing books and iPhone ebook app. Today, I need to read one of your book in a hurry, then I decided to give Safari books online a try.

What surprising me most, there is no country called Indonesia when I tried to subscribe just a few minutes ago!!. What?! Are you seriously nuts? How could you do that to me, while I already own lots of your book? To let you know, I ordered some of your book from Amazon, and they are sure trusts that there is a country named Indonesia and they deliver your books into my front door. How could you be? How dare you removed my country from your selection list?

If you can't tell me in serious way, please made another joke.

Thank you.

As sent to nuts at O'
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