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No form for even through I am logged in.


At the Puppeconf 2013 conference in San Francisco a few weeks go I received a coupon for a free ebook from O'Reilly. I would like to try the O'Reilly ebooks and see how they compare to ebooks from other vendors.

The coupon says to visit the login at . There is no coupon code. The coupon looks exactly like the one from this older ticket:

Note that redirects to . That page says:

Login or create an account.
Browse the list of titles available as Ebooks in our drop down menu and select one that you are interested in.
Fill out the form below to submit your request (You will see the form when you are logged in).
Limit one free ebook per person.

However, I did the first two steps but I still do not see any form at , even when I am logged in. In fact, it appears that the request2.csp does not see me as logged in, even through I am clearly logged in when I visit .

Is O'Reilly still offering a few ebook?

Thank you,

-= Stefan
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