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No access to example code in

I need to download code from the location. the first access displayed a tiered directory that allowed me to view a number of files sequentially numbered. One of which appeared to be the example I needed. Selection of it then allowed view of a subdirectory (~10 files_)some of which included executables AND a like number of similar titles. Not one of those opened into the IDE for viewing of code. NOW each time I try to access the "Download Example Code" again (with or without a total reboot this machine) I get to view ONLY ONLY the last viewed subdirectory with NO access to the root or top level listing of available EXAMPLE code directory. Bing seems to get in the way AND inserting the character string above in the URL line followed by a SEARCH (return) gives the same jump to last viewed subdirectory. ANY ideas out there??? My goal was simply to retrieve each of the example code blocks to facilitate learning.
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