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New Library Obfuscates Important Functionality

The new "Your Library" section for ebooks seems to really obfuscate some core functionality. Where I used to be able to just go to my ebook list and scroll down looking for books with new editions I could pay to upgrade to, now I have to click each book to "open" it, and then click the "upgrade discounts" link to see if it has an updated eBook I could buy. I would imagine this is going to lead to reduced upgrade sales from eBook users since now we will only upgrade a book to the latest edition if we hear about the books release, as opposed to being able to easily discover it. It also makes it more time consuming to sync books to Dropbox and Kindle. Also it isn't clear if new editions of books are automatically going out to Dropbox - my Pragmatic Publishing books are automatically synced when new editions are available, so I don't ever have to think about manually resyncing them to get updates. They just put the new revision in the same folder with a version appended to the end so I don't lose highlights, etc. and then I can delete the old one if I like.

I love the filtering though, so it isn't all bad - I just feel like more functionality could be exposed through fewer clicks.

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