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I’m (was) very frustrated!

Need 'video' terminology to complement 'film' terminology for iMovie 09 missing manual.

The term "video insert edit" should appear, at least in the index, of the iMovie 09 manual. All it has is "cutaway" which is what Apple calls it. I use this feature *all* the time! I come from the world of videotape for the past 30 years, not a film background. I work documentaries and video art, not narrative fiction, so I tend to use "video language" instead of "film language" for things. I bought the manual in the electronic (PDF) edition and searched in vain for "video insert" and "video only insert" etc. Please add these terms for the next revision. This is *especially* important because this feature does not appear on the screen until you take one specific action, that of dragging one clip on top of another. There is no other way to find out that this option even exists! Thank you!
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