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Need update to Missing Manual for iPad 6th edition

The 6th edition of the Missing Manual for iPad apparently was published before the current version of iTunes was released as there is no longer an "info" button when the iPad icon is clicked to enable copying Apple Mail settings from one's computer to the iPad. When will this be rectified?
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  • Hi Paul--

    Thanks for your note. This problem actually crops up for certain Mac users. (iTunes 11 is the current version, and the one referred to in the book.)

    If you're a Mac user running OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), you won't see the Info tab in iTunes 11's iPad sync settings. Apple notes (at that Mavericks users need to synchronize the iPad's notes, contacts, calendars, mail, and bookmarks settings via iCloud.

    We've noted this on our errata page (, and it will appear in the next reprint of the book.

    Best regards,
    Peter McKie
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