Need to analyse the record of $LogFile data in NTFS fs

I need to know how to track the data of a deleted file (more than 4GB in size) in a NTFS partition.
In NTFS file system a file attributes and its data clusters chain found in its MFT. If this file is greater than 4GB in size and I delete it, the data clusters chain of this file is also deleted from its MFT also. So I am not able to track the data of this deleted file.
Another way to find its data clusters chain is by going through $LogFile as the LogFile contains all the details of a file if the file is updated or deleted. Suppose the data of this deleted file is not overwritten.
Someone please help me how can I track the data of this file with the help of $LogFile?
How can we read the records written in a Logfile?
How can we jump on a data cluster chain of a deleted file in $LogFile?
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