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I’m disappointed

My just bought book had sheets glued off from the whole book

I've just bought The DAM Book, from Peter Krogh, and I sincerely got disappointed when, at the first time I was reading it, its sheets had glued off from the book. It happened from the page xi to 22. They had attached off from the book all over together, from xi to 22.

Besides reading the book until the end - I've just read until page 50 for now - I intend to keep it permanently near my workstation to consult often while editing photos. Now, with sheets out of the book, it's really bad not only to read it, but also to leave it for consultation.

As O'Reilly is a serious publisher, I suppose the best glue materials are used to manufacture the books, it's at least we can wait for... I can't believe my just bought book had sheets glued off from the whole boo. And besides, I repeat, it was only my first time reading The DAM Book, it has just been bought, it's an extremely new unit... I had bought it at Submarino bookstore site in January ou February, and, if necessary, I can prove it.

For that all, I really think I deserve to receive another book in order to substitute the problem's one. I can change that by a new one, for example. I wait for some solution. Please contact me soon.


Valeria Lages
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