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Movie clip, "coordinate out of bounds" error; won't play

I am using code on pp. 82-83 of Joshua Noble's "Programming Interactivity". I get this error: "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Coordinate out of bounds!"

My video clip is of size 320x240. It's called "clip.mov" and has been placed in a folder called "data" inside the folder that contains the .pde file.

Here is the code, and it is exactly as in "Programming Interactivity" but for the addition of the line that says:
"frameRate(15);". I get the same error even without this line.

import processing.video.*;
Movie mov;

void setup()
{ size(320, 240);
mov = new Movie(this, "clip.mov");

void movieEvent(Movie m)
{ m.read();

void draw()
{ image(mov,0,0);

Please help!
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