Modification of "default profiles" in Windows 7, (Copy To button is broken.)

How does one modify the Default Profile for Windows 7 Pro or Enterprise, so that each new user that is created sees the desired desktop settings, default printers, screen saver, etc? This was NOT covered in Windows 7, the Missing Manual ( by Pogue.)

The COPY TO button is grayed out.
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  • Tai Hake (Official Rep) July 26, 2011 16:02
    I think this may have been covered more in some of the other books on Windows 7, such as the 70-680 Training Kit or the Administrator's guide. Those titles would be more comprehensive in addressing topics of configuring Windows 7 from an administrator's standpoint.

    Here is a good article on that I believe may be a good starting point for you

    Hope that helps!

    Tai Hake
    Customer Service Rep,
    O'Reilly Media
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