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First off thanks for the sawmac support and the dreamweaver8 missing manual. i have gotten to the dynamic site part and have hit a road block. In the place where the national exasperator db is being set up in sql string query via "variables" the dreamweaver 8 i am using is the portable version (the which works very well by the way though i also do have the standard but for now need to use a flash drive) this version has "parameters" and unlike the book it lists everything differently it has 4 area to fill not 3 and is a pop up. Now because i am not proficient enough with mysqli i am unable to get past not having enough or the correct variables to complete the string request. This is the tutorial for displaying the database and is chapter 21. Given the horrendous amount of challenges i have had for the last several years to even get to this chapter.... i really could use someone to talk to from the writers of this book. it lists as the December 2005 first edition. Otherwise if one has parameters instead of variables what is done differently?
sawmac had no such talk back section sadly.

thank you for all your help
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