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I’m wow!

Missing Manuals have done it again!

I have just purchased the CSS Missing Manual, and am delighted with it. I'm somewhat familiar with HTML, but by no means competent, and have been looking for something to help me add CSS to my skill set. This book is exactly what I needed. It's thorough, clear, occasionally witty. The tutorials are at exactly the right level: not too complicated to understand, and not so simple as to be insulting.

I especially like the author's habit of letting one know that more will be explained later ("you'll read more about this on page xxx") -- it keeps me from feeling frustrated/stupid when I don't completely understand how something works.

Overall, my experience so far (I've just finished the first 4 chapters) is that of having an expert and endlessly patient tutor sitting next to me as I work my way through this stuff.

Please, whoever gets this, feel free to use my comments in any advertising -- and make sure that McFarland sees it. He deserves stars in his crown!

Jan Moursund