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Missing manual for Office 2007 "screencasts" are merely audio files, not video

I bought Missing Manual - Office 2007. When I went to the site to download the "missing CD" there were some purported "screencasts" but they were only links to audio mp3 files. Does this mean that they are not "screencasts" at all or that you must, as I did, open the particular application (in my case Word 2007) to follow the sense of the "screencast"? Or is there a downloadable video file that I just don't know how to access?

I tried to post my question to the product selector, but it only listed Missing Manual - Office 2008 and not Office 2007. This website page is very user unfriendly in how it lists the products -- a very slow moving scroll bar with large boxes around the product names rather one with simple lists of products that act as links and will scroll faster.
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  • Hi Musawwir.

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    I went to to check on the screencasts for Office 2007: The Missing Manual. When I click on any of the "View Screencast" links, I see a full video player appear in my browser, and the screencasts include both audio and video. There's a link beneath the video player for donwloading the MP3, but I see a big "Play Screencast" button in the player.

    I tried this both in Internet Explorer and Firefox and had no trouble. I'm afraid I'm not quite sure why you're not able to view the visual part of the screencast.

    Please let me know if I can provide any more information.

    Assistant Editor, Missing Manuals
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