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Missing letters in some MOBI ebooks on Kindle eReader and app


tl;dr: missing letters through MOBI books in Kindles (eReader and Android app), but not on MoonReader Android app

Yesterday I bought a couple of books (Python Pocket Reference, 4th Edition and Version Control with Git, 2nd Edition). I loaded both books on my Kindle Paperwhite and I noticed that there are letters missing through the book, here and there. For instance, in Version Control with Git, 2nd Edition:

  • Chapter 4 - Git Object Types - 1st paragraph: missing letters at the end of the paragraph: "[...] any version branch of the projec"

  • Chapter 4 - Git Object Types - Commits: missing chapter number near the end of the paragraph: "[...] although later in the book (Chapter ) we explain [...]"

It seems that when letters are missing, it is one of these two cases:

  • Missing letters at the end of a paragraph (1st example)

  • Missing letters around or in a link (2nd example)

These problems are also present in the Kindle app for Android.

However, I tried the MOBI version of Version Control with Git in MoonReader for Android and these problems were not present.

Therefore, I'm inclined to blame this on the Kindle. However, I wanted to let you know in case it was something that you could do on your side. Also, I haven't had this sort of problem with other O'Reilly MOBI ebooks before.

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