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I’m frustrated

missing from the missing manual - burn an os x installer copy without the

How do I make a homemade installer copy from my used Lion preloaded Macbook pro without the "Install Mac OS X" I'm ready with a new 8gig thumb drive and pages 841-3 of Mac OS X Lion Missing Manual, but without the am stuck. Thanks!

Btw, I wasn't SHOUTING - ur s/w apparently doesn't like OS X in caps. ;)
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  • Hi there.

    As page 842 explains, the "Install Mac OS X" program only appears in your Applications folder when you first buy Lion (before you actually install Lion).

    If you've already installed Lion, you have to re-download the installer app as described in the box on page 835. Unfortunately, that means downloading the whole 4-gigabyte installer.

    I hope that helps.


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