Missing form for requesting free ebook

I recently attended PyCON-AU and one of the sponsor benefits was an offer of a free O'Reilly ebook.

The link for this was given as http://oreilly.com/go/ebookrequest which forwards to http://www.oreillynet.com/oreilly/ug/... in the end.

I created an account and logged in as directed by that page but it seems to have no effect. There is no request form and I am told that it will be shown once I am logged in. Repeated clicking on the login link simply brings me back to the ebook request page because the rest of the site recognizes that I am already logged in, but this particular page on the oriellynet.com domain doesn't seem to recognize that I am logged in. I have tried it with Safari, Chrome, Firefox and even IE, and also Private Browsing and Incognito modes, clearing cache and cookies, all to no avail.

Can someone pls help?

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