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I’m frustrated

Missing Excel practice files

I'm missing excel practice files for Chap. 2 in 2010 MOS Study Guide. I'm looking for PopulationData worksheet, LoanData worksheet and TextStrings worksheet. Sounds like missing practice files is a frequent problem based on other comments. Considering the cost of this book, it has not been especially easy to work with.
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  • Hello Gini,

    The worksheets are not available separately. In the Function_examples.xlsx workbook that's included in the zip file you downloaded, you'll find the three worksheets you're seeking:


    I don't which MOS Study Guide you purchased, but the Practice Tasks are described on p. 52 in Chapter 2 of MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft® Excel® Expert, or on p. 210 in Chapter 2 of MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft® Word Expert, Excel® Expert, Access®, and SharePoint® Exams.


    Kenyon Brown
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