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I’m confused and frustrated

Missing updates for ebooks synced to dropbox

The "Learning Python 5th ed" release 14 does not sync out to my Dropbox when using the "Send Ebook" -> "Send to Dropbox" button. The latest release I get in the dropbox folder is the 12th.

Neither does it auto update, which I got the impression that it should do when using Dropbox. I might have misinterpreted that though.

Only when I tried the "PDF" -> "Send to Dropbox" button did it work.

This has happened with other books earlier.

Also after I hit the "Send all books to Dropbox" and the version, that was correctly updated in the previous step, is reverted back to release 12.
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  • Hi Tryggve,

    I'm sorry that you had a confusing experience with the Send to Dropbox feature.

    We know that the "Send all books to Dropbox" isn't consistent if you have a lot of ebooks in your Dropbox. That button is best to use the first time, but it doesn't always work well to update ebooks if there are a bunch of them.

    The Send Ebook -> Send to Dropbox button should work correctly, though. I'll let our IT folks know about this.

    Best regards,
    Chris Olson
    O'Reilly Customer Service
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