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Mastering Regular Expressions Mobi version?

I recently purchased the ebook (pdf) Mastering Regular Expressions 3rd from O'Reilly. I wanted to read it on my Kindle but the pdf conversion was awful (using Mobipocket reader). Can you make a better mobi version? PS - I have purchased several books from O'Reilly. Your policy of making the ebook available in different versions will absolutely keep me coming back.
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  • Mastering Regular Expressions has become a classic in part because of the tremendously careful & complex typesetting that Jeffrey Friedl, the author, has done himself. Because of the limitations in the reading software for reflowable formats like ePub & Mobi and severe limitations in the Kindle itself, we're not able to put an Ebook version up for sale. It would be unreadable.

    We do keep track of and contribute to the progress of various reading systems, so as soon as we can get these complex titles in a form that won't be a disservice to customers, we will.
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