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Marketing a body age test

TOPIC: Marketing a body age test

Time may be right to market a portable version of the brief non-invasive body age test to track individual changes like exercise, diet, stress reduction, non-smoking etc, from my book: Growing Younger: How to Measure & Change Body Age.
(Robert Morgan with Jane Wilson) N. Charleston, SC: Booksurge & Chico, CA: Morgan Foundation, 2004. (First edition was with NY:Stein & Day/Toronto: Methuen.)

"An enormous wealth of information relating to human growth and aging process... They are to be congratulated for putting together an instructive, comprehensive text that reads like a novel." - David B. Cheek, M.D., F.A.C.S., Hypnosis Expert

"An important, vital contribution... a wealth of information that brings past research into present-day perspective and focus... practical tools for developing, verifying and exploring our own abilities... Genuine food for thought to the scientist, layman, clinician and dreamer alike." -- Victor Rausch, D.D.S. and Hypnosis Expert

"The best self-help book I've ever read- wise, authoritative, hopeful and without the cliches and facile generalizations that often mar this genre." -- Judy Stoffman, Senior Editor, Today Magazine

"The first practical handbook for layman or researcher on the conquest of human aging."
- Raymond J. Prohaska, Chairman, Foundation for the Study of Aging

"The enduring optimism that is the tone of this book leaves one feeling almost warm... Those who read it may soon discover a path to a longer, livelier and lovelier life."
- Stephen A. Chris, Ph.D., Waterloo County Board of Education, Ontario, Canada

- Robert Morgan
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