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Manage your books' errata!

You might not think it important, but you should properly manage your Errata. Several have been submitted by readers on (at least) Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1 (Sixth Edition) but there have neither been confirmation or denial of them.

This reduces confidence in the books you publish. How do I know, for example, that a concept I'm trying to learn is proving difficult to understand because there's a crucial error in the code or the writing?
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  • Hi Dotun,

    Thank you for writing us about this, and I'm sorry for the frustration. You're right, this book does have quite a bit of unconfirmed errata, so I'll let our reprints group know about this. We are working on our errata process and on making more regular updates to books that need it, so we appreciate hearing about books that have slipped through the cracks.

    We'll work on this. Also, if there are any issues you're stuck on, feel free to email our book technical support group at booktech@oreilly.com, and they can help.

    Thanks again,

    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media
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