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Make it possible for bookworm users to share their own epubs

AT present, if one publishes to bookworm, the epub can't be seen by anyone without the users ID and Password. This means that anyone wishing to share their epub needs to publish it somewhere else, and the reader then needs to download, create bookworm account, and upload. Additionally, if an instructor assign 30 students to read the epub, that means 30 students must then create bookworm accounts and then upload the epub 30 times!
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  • Hi Marc,
    You're correct in that a user's bookworm bookshelf cannot currently be shared, unless the user downloads the ePub and then shares it with someone who uploads it into their own account. While the feature sounds appealing and we'll certainly take it into consideration, we also have to be cognizant about "fair use" of ePub materials. Bookworm allows any valid ePub to be loaded, and it's up to the users to make sure they have the right to share before doing so.
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