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I’m frustrated

Mac OS 10.5.4 - SPotlight NOT working.

Hi O'Reilly, Missing Manuals, David Pogue, Whoever,

Owner of a new Imac, I'm getting used to it (comning from the XP world) with the help of the excellent David Pogue's ... Leopard Missing Manual. My Imac is installed in French Language.

I encounter difficulties with the Spotlight thing, which seems extremely powerful, but somewhat difficult to master.



In the Spotlight Window

I'm trying to realize an "exclusionary search" like suggested in the page 111 of the manual (Tip paragraph).
I will explain my search :
I want to list all the Movie Files, that are in my Home Folder, and exclude from this list the Movie Files that have been opened on September, 16th, 2008. [the last opened dates for the movie files residing in my home folder range from April 2008 to September, 22th, 2008].
There is no way I can do that.
Kind movie ; with a subrow of None of these conditions are true : last opened date : September 16th, 2008 ... won't work.

How to do it ?


In the Spotlight SearchBox

I am having difficulties using the one-word arguments.

To start with, DATE.

DATE:TODAY locates the files opened today ; and DATE:YESTERDAY locates the files opened yesterday ; yes ?
Except that in my case it was not working. It took me a moment to understand that I should translate the arguments in my home language !
DATE:AUJOURD'HUI locates the files opened today ; and DATE:HIER locates the files opened yesterday !

But, this is not working for any argument :

CREATED:TODAY or CREATED:AUJOURD'HUI don't work at all, of course I make sure to create a test file before launching the query !
CONTENTCREATED or, its translation CONTENUCREE won't work better !

What's happening ?

Thanks for any reply.

Best Regards.

Philippe Marson.
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