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M$ visual c# 2010 chapter 24 errors?

I can't get through chapter 24 of this book. I seem to get multiple errors. I tried comparing my version to the -completed version, but the completed version also has 3 errors and will not compile.... does any one have a solution?
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  • Hi Martin,

    We're sorry for the trouble you are having with this book. You can go to the catalog page for the book (to get there just search on the books name and then select the book from the list of titles that come up) and look under the 'view/submit errata' page to check if this a is a known error and if there is a solution posted. If it's not listed, please add it to the errata page so that we may review and try to find a resolution to the issue.

    Kind regards,
    O'Reilly Media
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