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Logic Thinking in Programing

i am a designer, i want to learn ActionScript3. i read about AS3, but i feel i do not have logic thinking in programing, i need the book that make me think like programmers.
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    Hi Omar,

    I think that our book Learning ActionScript 3.0 would be a good fit for you. It was created as The Non-Programmer's Guide to ActionScript 3.0.

    Here's part of the book's description:

    In this book, authors Rich Shupe and Zevan Rosser share the knowledge they've gained from their years as multimedia developers/designers and teachers. Learning ActionScript 3.0 gives you a solid foundation in the language of Flash and demonstrates how you can use it for practical, everyday projects.

    The authors do more than just give you a collection of sample scripts. Written for those of you new to ActionScript 3.0, the book describes how ActionScript and Flash work, giving you a clear look into essential topics such as logic, event handling, displaying content, migrating legacy projects to ActionScript 3.0, classes, and much more. You will learn important techniques through hands-on exercises, and then build on those skills as chapters progress.

    ActionScript 3.0 represents a significant change for many Flash users, and a steeper learning curve for the uninitiated. This book will help guide you through a variety of scripting scenarios. Rather than relying heavily on prior knowledge of object-oriented programming (OOP), topics are explained in focused examples that originate in the timeline, with optional companion classes for those already comfortable with their use. As chapters progress, the book introduces more and more OOP techniques, allowing you to choose which scripting approach you prefer.

    Check out this preview of the book, some chapters excerpted from the book and the book's companion website.

    Also, you might be interested in, which is a community of Rich Internet Application designers and developers. The site has lots of different kinds of content about ActionScript, Flex, and Flash.

    I hope this gives you a good starting point. Feel free to ask more questions here, and to join the conversation on

    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media, Inc.
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  • Thanks Rachelj
    i saw the contents, i feel it is great book for me
    i will tell you my progress soon :)
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