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I’m disappointed

Limited Safari content?

Why isn't "Developing Facebook Platform Applications with Rails" available online to Safari subscribers?
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  • Hi Nimitz,

    Some of our publishing partners do not currently participate or make all of their books available through the Safari Books Online subscription service. This new Facebook title from Pragmatic falls into this category.
    Developing Facebook Platform Applications with Rails
    By Michael J. Mangino
    October 2008
    Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
    Pages: 196
    ISBN: 9781934356128

    However, here's a current list of participating publishers offering their content through Safari.

    * O'Reilly Media
    * Prentice Hall
    * Addison-Wesley
    * Microsoft Press
    * John Wiley & Sons
    * Peachpit Press
    * New Riders
    * Sams
    * Que
    * Adobe Press
    * Manning
    * Cisco Press
    * FT Press
    * AMACOM
    * Berrett-Koehler
    * Course Technology
    * IBM Redbooks
    * IBM Press
    * SAS Publishing
    * No Starch
    * Packt
    * Syngress
    * Wharton School Publishing

    Mace Bergmann
    O'Reilly Media Inc.--
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