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Learning Perl and Programming Perl not eligible for the $4.99 e-book upgrade?

I have the 4th edition of Learning Perl and the 3rd edition of Programming Perl in print edition, but I'd like to get them in e-book format (hopefully with an update to the latest editions). My understanding is that all O'Reilly-published books should eligible for the $4.99 e-book update, but when I look at the upgrade discount options for those books, that update is not offered as an option. I know when I first registered the books, one of them DID briefly show up with that upgrade option, but within a few minutes the option was removed. I'd like to understand why this is. Is there some specific reason/policy for why this upgrade option isn't available for these two book titles? Or is there some error on the site that's preventing the detection of the $4.99 e-book update as an option for them?
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  • Hello Aaron,

    Thanks for your interest in O'Reilly books. Unfortunately there is not an ebook for the 4th edition of Learning Perl, and that would be the cause of there being no ebook upgrade offer.

    There is an ebook of the 3rd edition of Programming Perl, and due to the inconvenience of the $4.99 upgrade button not being available I'll give you this ebook for free. I will be writing you an e-mail soon requesting the e-mail associated with your O'Reilly account so I can give you access to that ebook.

    Kind regards,
    Paul Fichera
    Customer Service Representative
    O'Reilly Media
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