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Learning OpenCV 2nd Edition (OpenCV version?)

Just saw the cover of the new edition of Bradski & Kaehler's 'Learning OpenCV' (Aug 2012), and noticed that it says "Updated for version 2.0" across the top corner. I have a copy of the first edition (2008) on my desk and it clearly states in the Preface that the current version at the time of that writing was version 2.0.

This is rather bothersome, seeing that the OpenCV library is now at version 2.3 and has since almost completely changed how the library is to be used.

While willowgarage's wiki and documentation is well-kept and reliable, I've found myself using this book numerous times over the past 4 years for quick reference. In the last year, I've found myself hoping for a new edition that I can place on my shelf.

Is this a misprint? Can we expect to see a much-needed revamp of this book (bringing it up to 2.3.x)? Or shall we sit and wait for edition 3?
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  • Well, it looks like that was some bizarre typo in the preface to the first edition. The cover banner now reads "Updated for OpenCV 2" (without the minor version number) because that's where the big changes happened. The new edition will indeed be updated for the latest 2.3.x software; the authors are the lead developers at Willow Garage. Also, we'll have four chapters or so available in early release by mid-April.
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