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I’m flummoxed

Learning MySQL password error, and unable to access library functions

I have encountered a problem that has stopped me cold in the Learning MySQL book. I went to that website and tried to register as a new user, but it gives me a 'New user Creation error/security code is incorrect" error. (The page has no place to enter a security code.)

Problem: I did the standard XAMPP installation on a WinXP PC as mentioned in the book. I went through exercises up to page 407, and then got the 'call to undefined function mysql_connect. I checked the mysql directory, and found it had no lib/, Docs/, or include/subdirectories. I then went to, tried an installation of MySQL on its own (using port 3307) which failed to start the service. I then copied the three missing subdirectories to the xampp/mysql directory, but got the same error message when I tried to run query_artists.php.

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