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I’m frustrated

Learning SQL, 2nd Edition: Cmd Syntaxs (Table 2-1) Not Working

I've been struggling with Chapter 2 for about 4 days, an embarrassment really.

First, MySQL 6.0 was not available, so as directed by another question/answer on this board I went ahead and installed MySQL 5.7 - but I'm not sure I installed the correct instance as there was no "Windows Essentials (x86)" package (Step 2), no "Typical Install" option (Step 5), and it was never refereed to as "MySQL Enterprise" (Step 7). MySQL Enterprise is a paid tool, and the book indicated that the MySQL I could use would be free. I downloaded and ran "MySQL Installer Community Server"

Second, I initially installed using "Developer Default" even though it looked like it had many more tools than "only the commonly used tools" - but when the syntaxs in Table 2-1 didn't work, I uninstalled all MySQL components (minus the 3rd party software prerequisites) and went with the "Server Only" option. Syntax still didn't work.

So, I'm not quite sure what I'm missing but I'd like some help. I've confirmed that the service is running, and by using the MySQL Client Command Line tool I was able to create a database for the sample data. So the Server was installed correctly - or at least enough to where the Troubleshooting guide available on the MySQL site for server install is not helpful. But the commands in Table 2-1 for steps 3, 5, 7, or 8 are not working in either the Windows Command Line or the MySQL Client Command Line. I've used command line before, so I feel I should be able to do this but it's not working.

Really frustrated that this book is *just* detailed enough to make me second guess everything I'm doing. Any other situation and I would just be problem solving as I go, but I'm a complete novice with SQL (didn't even have a server available!) so I was relying on O'Riley to walk me through this.
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